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This annual conference is our premier event. Eight years ago at our first Capitol Connection, we did what many thought impossible. Hundreds of pastors from around the country gathered on Capitol Hill to deliver a beautiful reproduction of the Akin Bible to every member of Congress. People are still talking about it, and we have grown to see thousands of pastors come year after year from 49 states to meet and pray with their Representatives.

Pastors, you attending this one annual event will keep the doors open for us to minister year-round as your representatives on Capitol Hill.

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Hope from History Podcast

If you are frustrated with America's direction, you are not alone. As we see the foundations being destroyed in our country, you may be asking yourself the question, "What can the righteous do?" This weekly podcast will take you back to times in our nation's history where God answered that question through the lives of imperfect individuals. So, we invite you to look back and find hope from history!

Our Mission


AWAKE AMERICA will help God's people, specifically independent Baptists, to become more informed about our Judeo-Christian heritage and the current state of national and international affairs to gain an understanding of the times from a Biblical Worldview.


AWAKE AMERICA is dedicated to empower and urge God's people to get responsibly involved. This entails engaging in our governmental processes so that the precious liberties, such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, can be retained and maintained.


AWAKE AMERICA will show how to commend our representatives when they take a conservative stand and respectfully criticize them when they compromise or take a liberal stand. This will hold our Legislative Representatives accountable and fulfill our role as the conscience of the nation.

Ministry Leadership


Pastor T. Michael Creed

Executive Director

Pastor T. Michael Creed has pastored the Independent Baptist Church of Clinton, Maryland for more than 25 years. In 2008 the Lord burdened his heart to reach Capitol Hill for Christ. Knowing that iron sharpeneth iron, he set out to enlist other fellow believers in reaching their state’s representatives for Christ. He has a goal of educating pastors in governmental affairs so they will be able to engage and encourage their congregations to be involved in ensuring our liberty and freedom of worship in America.