Voting Biblical Values

What does it mean to Vote Biblical Values?

Voting Biblical Values means to be equipped with the ability to see any issue or candidate through the lens of Scripture and to use wisdom to make our best judgment based on the options with which we are presented.

The issues of the day change. Political parties and platforms change. God’s Word never changes. The vote of every Christian should be based on the principles of Scripture and not persuasive personalities.

The key is not telling people what to vote for, but rather teaching them how to develop and to vote from a Biblical perspective.

As pastors, our people are looking to us for spiritual direction, even in the area of government. This guide can be used as a quick reference handout or bulletin insert. You might also expound upon issues in a Bible study or message. However you decide to you it, let's be ready to give them Biblical principles as they apply to the issues of the day.

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