Daniel Dynamics – Moving Men and Molding Nations


Daniel was used by God to tell His-story living the script given to him by the Playwright of the ages.  The curtain may be closed on Daniel’s life, but the world stage is still set and is still waiting.  It is waiting to be filled with God’s characters who desire only God’s will for His coming kingdom which shall never be destroyed as was shown to King Nebuchadnezzar so many years ago. 

As you scan the following pages, watch Daniel as God empowers him to move men and to mold nations.  These same political principles can be applied in 2019 and beyond.  The Bible, archeology, and history all converge to point to the miraculous power of one life dedicated to God.  This is not a study on prophecy, but a study on the principles by which Daniel lived when facing political wavering. 

Will you allow God to use you as His ambassador to America’s leaders?  It will be then, and only then, you shall truly understand Daniel Dynamics and how they can reveal God’s power in moving men and molding nations. Begin your journey here.




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